Benefits of Metal Roofing

Facts About Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are so durable and last so long, they rarely need to be replaced, reducing raw material consumption.


Benefits of Metal Roofing

  • Possible savings of up to 40% of your energy costs.
  • Never needs replacing with a life expectancy over 50yrs.
  • Can withstand high winds. The majority of our installations are built to withstand up to 155mph wind loads and in some locations, it’s even higher.
  • Has a smooth surface so debris tends to slide off. In comparison, shingles have a rougher surface that allows debris to become trapped, collecting water that can lead to leaks and other potential problems.
  • An occasional light washing is the only maintenance needed to keep your roof looking great.

Things you need to know!

  • Finishes matter. Our Metal Roofing System has a painted finish that can last 50+ years. We use only the finest products, from steel Made in America and offered by our National Manufacturers. Others may offer less expensive systems, but when a red roof turns pink in a few years, you’ll know why it costs less.
  • We are Specialists. Prestige Metal Roofing specializes in Metal Roofing Systems, installing more residential roofs in one month than other roofers do in an entire year. Specializing in Metal Roofing allows us to standardize our production to insure quality installations. Remember, if a roofer specializes in everything, they specialize in nothing.
  • Purchase price isn’t the same as cost. Up to $1000 of your investment can be recaptured in the first year from the increased energy savings and from any allowable tax credits. Add that to the long life expectancy and your metal roof could outlast three shingle roofs even if the initial cost is higher than that of shingles.
  • Cheap isn’t always the least expensive. Prestige Metal Roofing has built its reputation by offering quality Metal Roofing Systems at affordable prices. Other contractors work under differing models and offering low prices is their primary goal. While keeping prices low is a consideration at Prestige Metal Roofing, our primary goal is to give our customers a lifetime of security knowing that their roof is the last one they will ever have to buy. A less expensive system will not offer you that security or quality.
  • Made in America. All of the steel used in our products is made here in the USA. This insures that we keep American jobs here and that you’re getting the highest quality products available.
  • Keeping America Green. Metal Roofing is made from 25% recycled material and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. All of our colors are Energy Star rated. So not only does a Metal Roof lower your energy costs it is also good for our planet.
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