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How is a Metal Roofing System Constructed?

Galvalume Steel Roof Panels with siliconized polyester resin finish over primer are installed over Vapor Barrier and attached with screw fasteners. Our insulating metal roofing system creates a barrier between you and the elements outside. Prestige Metal Roofing® is dedicated to providing strong, energy efficient, environmentally friendly roofing that withstands.

Construction Steps

1. Existing Roof Deck:

Whether you’re removing your old roofing or keeping it for extra thermal performance, we will install a tough and durable synthetic underlayment to protect your home from the elements, both while we’re working and for years after we’re gone.

2. Radiant Bubble Insulation:

This extra level of thermal barrier is available in most areas for just a few dollars more. It can mitigate heat gain for darker colors. Available in most areas.

3. Lifetime Metal Roof Panel:

Our Galvalume coated steel panels install directly to your roof deck in most applications. Our fasteners as well as flashings and accessories are colored to match your panels. We provide you with lifetime service warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty for 40 years. We can also offer Lifetime manufacturers warranties for an additional premium.

4. The Products:

MasterRib metal roofing panel is an industry leader in strength and durability, this popular and versatile metal roofing panel features classic looks and is installed in a wide range of applications including residential, commercial, and post-frame buildings. MasterRib metal roofing panels was designed with extra-wide ribs to increase strength and ease handling and roof installation. Another unique feature of the MasterRib metal roofing panel is the extra-large siphoning channel on the under-lap rib installed to provide extra leak resistance in the presence of extreme wind and rain loads. REPEL synthetic metal roof underlayment offers a superior performing alternative to conventional asphalt-based roof underlayments and this synthetic metal roof underlayment is ideally suited for metal roofing applications. This synthetic metal roof underlayment is constructed of a high-strength woven polypropylene fabric coated on both sides of the roof underlayment with a specially formulated anti-slip walking surface, The REPEL synthetic metal roof underlayment offers outstanding nail sealing ability and UV resistance and can be exposed for up to six months. This synthetic metal roof underlayment’s light gray color reduces heat gain and provides a cooler working roof underlayment.                                                                           Get a FREE Estimate We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We will gladly provide you with a FREE estimate and will offer you several options on how to meet your needs.

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